Our Story

A Letter From the Founder

Like many of you, over the past few years, I've become more conscious about the products I bring into my home, scrutizing their ingredients, and impact on the environment.

I was shocked to find that many of my favorite candle brands used ingredients that spewed toxins into the air. I knew there had to be a better way and started researching how to craft non toxic candles.

I wasn't exactly starting from scratch. My grandfather was a candle maker after all, so you could say it was in my blood.

Over time these three elements, my desire for sustainaiblity, my Italian family heritage, and my love for luxury candles all blossomed into Apollo Candles New York.

Every candle we make is designed to be reused. We follow strict safety guidelines aligned with Prop 65. And all of our fragrances are designed to evoke the bounty of Italy.

I hope that our candles spark joy and bring a touch of la dolce vita into your home.


James Napoli

Founder, Apollo Candles New York