Reusing your glass

When your candle has about half an inch of wax left, it's time to give your candle new life. Not burning that last half inch is recommended by all candle-makers as a safety precaution — otherwise, the glass might get too hot and crack. Follow the steps below to up-cycle your candle, conveniently handcrafted in a luxurious Riedel Double Rocks Glass. 

Step 1: Remove the labels

Step 2: Pop in the freezer

Put the candle in the freezer and leave it for a few hours. The wax will shrink as it cools, helping to separate the wax from the glass.

Step 3: Pop it out

Wedge a dull knife along the side of the wax. Don't cut into the wax, but use the knife as a lever to pop out as a puck or break into smaller pieces. Remove the wax chunks by gently tapping them out onto some tissue, then throw them in the trash.

Step 4: Remove the remaining wax

If you still have some remaining residue, remove it by hand and don't wash it down the drain.  Baby oil or vegetable oil on a piece of tissue paper may help dissolve the remaining wax.

Step 5: Wash your new glass

Now that you've gotten the vast majority of the wax out, clean the glass in a dishwasher or sink like any other dish. If washing by hand, we recommend scrubbing twice with soapy water and once with clean water before drying to ensure all remaining residue is emulsified.

 You are now the proud owner of a brand new Riedel Double Rocks glass!