About our glassware

Our candles are proudly handcrafted in RIEDEL Drink Specific Double Rocks Glasses, so they can be reused and enjoyed long after the burn is gone. 

Sustainable candle making: 

It takes a few extra steps to produce our candles in rocks glasses, so why do we do it? A commitment to sustainability is firmly entrenched in our DNA. We avoid as many single use materials as possible, which is why our candles are designed to be upcycled. Our mission is to make it easy for you to be an environmental steward, whether that’s crafting a beverage in your new RIEDEL glass, reusing our tube packaging for storage, or helping us support reforestation projects through your purchases. 

A history of quality: 

RIEDEL has been producing glass in the heart of Europe for over 265 years and eleven generations. They are family owned and operated by Georg J. RIEDEL (10th generation) and Maximilian J. Riedel (11th generation) and are  recognized worldwide for designing and producing the highest quality glassware for wine and spirit enjoyment. 

At Apollo, we only use the finest ingredients for our candles, and together with RIEDEL, our shared commitment to quality and kindred family heritage will bring you a sensorial experience of unparalleled quality. 

Caring for your RIEDEL glass: 

Drink Specific Glassware is machine-made crystal glass. All RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware is dishwasher safe.

To learn how to reuse your new Riedel glass, click here